Project Goals

Managing projects ain’t no easy task. Every project differs in some aspects, but some of my gurus say that you must never lose sight on what you plan to achieve! It doesn’t hurt to make the planning part more organized and detailed as you move along project-to-project.

I’ve been looking around the internet for some inspiration in driving team goals. I’m like a designer, looking for photos that trigger the creative juice to flow freely. Here’s what I’ve found:

Image from google

First off: loving them colors! It might follow the Waterfall model (which I frown upon like always!) though it’s iterative. In what we have in our projects, I simply cannot apply this in the real world. Considering our current setup (project size, team members count & roles), this timeline is way too long, especially for a single project IRL.

This next sample is appealing (again) in terms of color. It makes you feel cool and clean, and it makes you feel like you can deliver the project at ease! #nice

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Image from google

Another thought why I’m drawn to this is that each month is split into 4, thus having 1-week sprints. This template is ideal for presenting top-level features and summaries, a brief overview per se. I particularly like this clean look as it allows you to have an overview of what is the potentially shippable product* that you can deliver in a couple of sprints.